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Comprehensive management system for basketball federations and leagues

Indalweb Internet S.L.
Indalweb Internet S.L.

What is it?

Gesdeportiva is a system that enables you to manage all aspects of your basketball federation or league with the greatest efficiency.

Federations / Clubs / Referees / Fans

Technology for basketball

Tools for sports management.

Indalweb Internet S.L.
Indalweb Internet S.L. Indalweb Internet S.L.
Indalweb Internet S.L.
Digital report Gesdeportiva

Digital report

Digital report and statistics on the basis of the system’s licensing information.
Creation of records in PDF format and information in real time for the fans’ apps.

Fans’ app

Fans’ app

Return on investment/generation of income.
All information generated by the digital report is available to fans without charge.

Integrated federation management Gesdeportiva

Integrated federation management

Integrated management means reduction of workload: automatic settlements for referees and clubs.

OTT / TV Gesdeportiva


Clubs will broadcast their matches on the federation channel.

Indalweb Internet S.L.

All your basketball management in the cloud

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