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People from various organisations give their opinion of our sports management system:

D. Jose Francisco Cara García
Vice President of the Basketball Federation of Andalusia.

"We have automated all the Federation’s processes with Indalweb’s sports management system and each local branch has saved more than three workdays a week. And number of visits to our website has quadrupled”.

D. Francisco Olmedilla Di Pardo
General Secretary of the Basketball Federation of Madrid.

"We have been able to make significant improvements to the FBM’s management systems, to communications between the FBM and the clubs and also between the Clubs themselves by using GESDeportiva. We have automated practically all our competition planning and development processes and all refereeing management in terms of designations and settlements. In addition, we can now provide more complete and up-to-date financial information to the Clubs that enables them to manage their accounts better”.

D. Jorge Santos Pulido
General Secretary of the Basketball Federation of Extremadura.

"Thanks to GesDeportiva we have enabled our clubs to manage all their relations with the BFEx from any connected device such as laptops, smart-phones or tablets without having to travel and especially to be able to do it in their own time, without being tied to fixed schedules. In respect to the referees, they have all the information on designations available in an app where they will find the details of who the other referees and line judges will be, the court data and contact data of the teams involved. They also have better control of the information on the weekly fees they collect in the accounting section. You have helped us to optimise time in the organisation".

D. Fulgencio Madrid Flores
General Secretary of the Basketball Federation of the Region of Murcia.

"Sports management with GesDeportiva ensures that we control our own information and use it as we see fit. It also enables us to provide an added-value service to the clubs and help them with their day-to-day management. Automated match changes have enabled us to reduce dependence on e-mail and fax and to avoid conflicts between teams”.

D. David Rodríguez
Referee designator of the Almeria branch of the Basketball Federation of Andalusia.

"GesDeportiva has made my job a lot easier because the referees indicate their availability on the app, so I know who can referee the matches at all times, depending on their category. Once I have designated them, they can display their designations again on the app and find out who they will be working with that week".

D. Luis Miguel Castillo Larroca
FIBA, ACB and CMAAB Referee.

"With the referee app I can indicate when I am available and display my designations and my colleagues’ contact data at all times. The scores are also displayed in real time on the federation website".

Dñ. Susana Gómez López
FIBA, FEB and CMAAB Referee.

“The referees’ app enables us to save time and boost the quality of federation-referee communication. Now the availability, designations, results and settlements are always updated to the minute".

D. José Francisco Luque León
Administration Manager of the Basketball Federation of Andalusia.

"All the team registrations and licenses are automatically invoiced with a single click or pressing a tab. We have greatly reduced the volume of billing inquiries from the clubs since there is a dedicated area where they can check all their invoicing information. Another huge advantage is payment to referees on the platform".

Dñ. Maria del Carmen Moreno
Financial Department of the Basketball Federation of the Region of Murcia.

“There are certain features that I consider crucial and that have enabled us to save a lot of time: We pay all the referees with a single click or tab press (depending on their rights, per diem allowances and travel expenses) once the matches have been played, and invoice all the clubs with another single movement. We can also generate bank transfer remittances of the money owed to the referees and send them through the bank in a matter of minutes”.

D. Juan Martínez Marín
President of the San José Basketball Club.

“The club area enables us to keep abreast of the accounting statements and the use of paper in the procedures has been considerably reduced. Now we can update the information on our players and coaches from one year to the other and reuse all the data. And not to mention that now we don’t have to ask for passport photos and photocopies of I.D. cards".

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