Indalweb Internet S.L. Indalweb Internet S.L.

Gesdeportiva in detail Features of our system



Indalweb Internet S.L. Indalweb Internet S.L.
  • Competition management.
    • Competitions, categories, phases and groups.
    • Automatic, Olympic and manual schedules.
  • Team and player registrations: digital licenses.
    • Rule management by category.
    • Amounts by license type.
    • Digital license.
  • Automatic invoicing and payments with a single click.
    • To clubs: for both registration and refereeing.
    • To referees: rights, per diem and travel allowances based on categories and the distance between localities.
  • Reports in real time.
    • Accounting, settlements, notifications, etc.
  • Notifications.
    • Match changes.
    • Competition and appeal committees: application of sanctions.
    • Generic notifications.
  • Export of movements to accounting software.
  • Export of information (on players for mutual insurance purposes, INTRAFEB, accounting, etc.).
  • Widgets for displaying information on your website.


Indalweb Internet S.L.
  • Digital report.
  • Information on availability from the app.
  • Designation of referees.
  • Entry of results from the app if digital report is not used.
  • Access to detailed accounting through the app.
  • Remittance of transfers to pay referees.
    • You can pay all referees with a single remittance in 2 minutes.


Indalweb Internet S.L.
  • Registration management: teams and components.
    • Self-filling documentation.
    • Reuse of information.
  • Match changes: forget about e-mails and faxes.
  • Competition and appeal committees.
  • Access to detailed accounting and downloading of invoices.
  • Access to the digital reports.
  • Display of upcoming match rosters.


Indalweb Internet S.L.
  • Information generated from the digital report.
  • Customised for each federation: you will not share the app with other federations.
  • Tracking of favourite teams and players.
  • Notices about match changes.
  • Following matches: live, statistics, best players, shot map and zones and comparative information and graphics.
  • Track all the teams in a club if you are a sporting manager.
  • Return on investment through non-intrusive advertising.