Gesdeportiva - Tecnología para el baloncesto. Gesdeportiva - Tecnología para el baloncesto.

New web design por Web para Clubes

We launched our product website for tools and web pages for basketball clubs, where we show the advantages that a basketball club has when using our system.

if you go to you may find.

  • Characteristics of the system
  • Opinions of people who are already using it
  • Clubs that are already with us

The main advantages of using are

  • The website updates itself, since the information of the competitions (calendars, results, rankings and upcoming matches) of all the club's teams is automatically loaded from the federation page.
  • You can select news from the page of the federation to which we belong and they will be seen on our website.
  • The price includes EVERYTHING: domain, hosting, email, SSL security certificate, website and upgrade tools
.We encourage you to visit it so that you can see everything that the system can offer you.